Introducing the Mobile Version of the Blog!

I know many people these days utilize mobile devices like the iPhone to view the web while they are away from a computer.  I don’t currently own a mobile phone which has any functional Internet capability, but I recently got the opportunity to see what the blog looks like on a mobile device (if an iPod Touch can be counted as a mobile device).  I realized after looking at the blog on a mobile device that it is difficult-if not impossible-for people to read the blog while using a mobile device.

I worked over the weekend to remedy the problem by coming up with a mobile version of the blog.  Here are a couple of screenshots of what the blog looks like now on a mobile device:

Portrait View (Click this link if you cannot see the image below)


Landscape View (With An Article Selected) (Click this link if you cannot see the image below)


If anyone has any problems with the mobile version of the blog please let me know. 

I also worked hard on a completely new blog design this past weekend.  I don’t know when the new blog design will be ready to implement, but I think it is going to be a major upgrade over the blog’s current design, especially for those who view the blog on a tablet device like the iPad…

I hope this new mobile version of the blog is easy to read for anyone who decides to read this blog on a mobile device in the future.  I want to close today’s announcement by saying thank you to everyone who reads this blog!  You help to make this all possible!

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